Cartoonized Organization Of Thoughts, In A Sense

Posted by
littlealli (Kansas City, United States) on 24 February 2012 in People & Portrait.

At the top (darkness) is everyday life, where little alli strolls around like a casual zombie (never sure where she's going). When undesireable things happen *BAM* they are such explosions as pictured, and they break into her mind. In the top level, there is just alli (the confused one), battle alli (the one who believes she is genuinely fighting things off when she's really stuck in a small box and can't fight anything off), and the let's-deal-with-this alli (the one sorting through the things in the file cabinet). When the let's-deal-with-this alli sends the files (shitty things in little alli's life [caused by explosions]) through the funnel, they go down to the second level (entirely optimistic alli), where lounging alli crumples them up in a "this stuff can't touch me!" outburst, and throws them over to the small opening through which they must pass on. They build up here (compromising little alli's optimism when the pile gets too hefty), and struggle to fall through due to the fact that impatient alli is fighting to climb up. When the issues do fall through, though, they pass on quickly (impatient alli kicks them on) to I-don't-give-a-fuck alli, who laughs and throws them down to the last level, into the trash can (where they go away forever). Sadly, this alli (all allis, actually) sucks at throwing, and she misses sometimes. When this occurs, sneaky alli down there likes to go pick up issues and run them through the process again (as many as times as I-don't-give-a-fuck alli misses). On a happy note, there is calm alli down there in the corner --- none of the issues can touch her, ever

Little alli realizes that all of these (allis) exist within her mind, and she is trying to embrace them and learn how to let them work as a team rather than a dysfunctional collaboration